• My First Blog Post

    September 14, 2019 by

    Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken. — Oscar Wilde. Welcome to my blog, in which I reflect upon material studied and researched as part of the LCN639 subject offered as an elective to the Masters of Teaching (Secondary) degree at QUT. I am currently a pre-service teacher in my final semester specializing in Film,… Read more

  • Youth, Schooling and Libraries.

    October 19, 2019 by

    I was often amazed on PEx on how far schools have come in the short (I like to think) time I have been away from high school since graduating. Of course, I do often remark with a tinge of jealously that I had a third world education, which is not completely incorrect but an education… Read more

  • Popular Culture and Curriculum

    October 12, 2019 by

    In my previous post, I wrote about youth culture and ownership, specifically the issue of adults acting as ‘gatekeepers’ to youth culture. In expanding on this, I would like to discuss an issue that hit close to home as a performing arts pre-service teacher.  Let me begin with an anecdote. While I was on PEx… Read more

  • What is, and who ‘owns’ Youth Culture?

    September 14, 2019 by

    ‘Youth Culture’ is a term that is potentially as contentious as the term ‘Youth’ itself, but as a concept, we generally define youth culture as being those things which the ‘kids these days’ are into. Thus, from a marketing perspective, young adult content is driven by the … but as Beckon warns, the concept of… Read more

  • Welcome to my blog!

    September 14, 2019 by

    This is a blog created to record my learning experiences as part of my course for EU50 (Master of Teaching – Secondary) at QUT. This is apart of the unit LCN639 – Youth, Popular Culture and Texts. There was a lot of amazing and interesting content to engage with in this unit, but these are… Read more

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Are you nerdy enough?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sf0_PnQV3Fs

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